To people who want to change myself who can only take offensive attitude towards poor people

“I want to stop offensive attitude, but I can not change myself.” There is something I want to tell you. There are differences in degree, but there are people who are not good at anyone. Of course, So am I.

But just by saying “This person is not good” , There is a reason for you to become aggressive to your opponent.

In fact, you are feel anxious, you are not confident.

This is the reason. It is you do not cherish yourself or your opponent. Then I want you to understand something.

All the people has something can do and can not do.

Then,You can also accept “you can not do it”. It is important to accept yourself more than anyone.

If you are feel anxious,if you are not confident,Please try to accept yourself.
For that reason, there are things I want you to do.

I want you to put out as many your good points as possible

Open the notebook, hold the pen, and write out more and more.

“That way I’ve heard of it, I have done it. But it did not mean anything” While reading, you may think so. Still trying again.

Self-affirmation grows gradually, not comparing with anyone.

That self-affirmation is not to compare with people. Including both what you can and can not do, You can accept yourself.

Self-affirmation is something that “raises”.

It is not something to separate with “there is not it”. Is it “raising or not raising”?

Some people are unconscious and self-affirmation seems to be high from the surroundings. It is a person who makes you feel like that personality.Although, in fact, that person may be unconscious, they should be talking to a good point towards you.

“Nice, I’m doing my best!” “Okay, I did what I can do today.” It is a feeling. In other words, it is “raising”. When putting out good points, there is no need to compare with people. Things to think “I tried my best” “Well done” You will go out just as you can. No matter how small it is, it does not matter.

Then let’s write it large and put it on the wall of your house. Even after pasting on the wall please write if you have something to add. If you can not affix it on the wall, Please leave it where you always see it every day. Little by little, admit your now, You will be able to accept it. But please remember.

We instinctively scare the change. “I can not go on this way” “It is better to change” Yes, even if you know by your head, We are afraid of “changing”.

Every people want to protect themselves as usual. It is because that person is not told anything by anyone, it is easy. It will not be stressful, because there is no burden. But please do not be afraid to change better.

By changing it, As close to your wish as possible, I’d like to change it because it’s fine. In truth, what you are expecting from the bottom of my heart, I think you are certainly have. I hope that “I wish I could do this” I would like you to select small actions that will make it a reality. If you truly have the power to change, I will recommend the way to live out. That’s because I think I am happy.

A lot more within you, You have not noticed it yourself yet, There should be plenty of nice parts.

Take a step further today, let us go forward.